Pre-issues, Post-issues, Childhood Issues

Pre-issues, Post-issues, Childhood Issues

1.     Pre-Issues in pregnancy

For a woman, being a mother is the greatest moment of her life. Every woman want to have a healthy lifestyle during pregnancy, it helps the mother and the child to live a healthy life. Most pregnancies are unfussy. Though, there are some medical issues regarding pregnancy that can affect the mother drastically.


Miscarriage is the loss of a pregnancy status in the first 20 weeks. According to a survey, about 10 to 20 percent of known pregnancies result in a miscarriage and according to the statistics 80 percent of miscarriage happensbefore 12 weeks. Most of the miscarriages are trigged by chromosomal aberrations in the fertilized egg that preserve the embryo from developing. Bleeding and spotting from the vagina is usually the first sign for a miscarriage during pregnancy. Immediately call your healthcare doctor as soon as possible if you see this sign.  Though, bleeding and spotting in early pregnancy is not that much uncommon if you are not miscarrying.

Premature labor and premature birth

If you start having regular cramps, that can result in your cervix to begin to open or thin out before you reach 37 weeks of pregnancy. You are in premature labor, preterm if your baby is delivered before 37 weeks. It’s also called a premature baby or preterm birth.

Ectopic pregnancy

When a fertilized egg embeds outside the uterus, it’s an ectopic pregnancy. It’s important to notice this type of pregnancies early because the growing embryo could rapture your fallopian tube.

There are many other types of issues related pre pregnancy like placenta previa and preeclampsia.

2. Post issues in pregnancy

One of the most beautiful feelings for a mother is to see her baby perfectly healthy. You carried your baby for nine months, now as the pregnancy is over, you are blessed with a beautiful, cheering lifestyle with your newborn baby and don’t forget the new tag, “mother”. It’s the most precious thing that can ever happen to any woman. Like everything around you, your body encounter with various type of changes through this 9 months. In the post pregnancy period, your body will start healing immediately after your childbirth. The body start generating strength and start to restore the body just like it was before you pregnancy. There are varieties of issues in post pregnancy, the more you know the better you can prepare yourself for it.   There are symptoms through which you can identify if it’s serious than others. Each issue possess different symptoms like excessive bleeding after delivery, postpartum infections which includes uterine, kidney and bladder infections, breast issues like infections and swollen breast, hair loss stretch marks, uneasiness during sex etc.

Postpartum Hemorrhage

There is some bleeding which is totally normal just after delivery, heavy bleeding or hemorrhage occurs very rarely. It happens mostly when after multiple births, long labors or when uterus becomes infected. It’s the third most common cause of death in maternal death in childbirth.

Uterine infections

An infection of the ammonic bladder, which surround the baby as a bag of water. There are many symptoms like rapid heart rate and tender uterus etc. indicates the uterine infections.

There are other issues regarding post pregnancy like Infection of C-section incision, kidney infections etc.


3. Childhood Issues

There are many issues a mother can face during her pregnancies, taking proper advice from doctor and keeping a healthy lifestyle can help the mother and the baby to be fit and happy. Though, there are some problems faced by newborn babies.

Umbilical cord

The umbilical cord was your baby’s lifeline when the baby was in your womb. Through the umbilical cord the baby received the oxygen and the nourishment from the mother. Accordingly, after birth the baby doesn’t need it anymore, the doctor cut it as closely as possible and leaves a little stump. When you are going to take your baby home, make sure to keep the area as clean and dry as possible. Do not through the diaper and other relate stuffs in the room unnecessarily. Within a month the umbilical stump will shrink, dry and fall off. You have to keep the naval area as dry as possible for few days.

The soft spot

All the newborn babies have a soft part, on the top of their heads. It happen because the bones of the skull have not joined completely. The soft spots are called fontanelle. It will grow and join over age, by the time the baby is 18 months old, the soft spot should disappear completely. Take great care of the soft spot; make sure not to hit the baby’s head with something during this period.

Common problems

There are some common problems for babies, like cradle rap, colic, wet eye, vomiting. Parents don’t need to worry much about these problems. Just taking proper care with doctor’s advice they will go through this eventually.


4. Delivery (Normal & Operation or Cesarean)

Maybe you are planning for that day when your baby will be delivered. The big day means a lot you. It means a lot for each and every mother, it’s a mix feeling of excitement, happiness, fear and curiosity. Before the delivery have you heard about the two processes? Normal and cesarean?  Maybe you are feeling confused about what is safer for you and your baby, cesarean or normal. It is absolutely fine to feel like this, because there are pros and cons for each delivery process. Speak to your physician before taking any concrete decision to know which process is going to suit you better.

Cesarean vs. Normal delivery

A vaginal birth or normal birth is the most natural birthing process. For maximum number of mother it is the most preferable choice for delivering a baby. Once a mother give a birth through a vaginal way, the period of hospital staying deduct drastically. Even the recovery time is much lesser than the C-section delivery. A vaginal delivery does not involve any sort of main scarring or cut. It is not so surgically related. Though, having vaginal birth can prove tough for some woman. Vaginal birth entirely depends on the readiness and timing of the mother. On the other hand cesarean births are done with higher precision, you can exactly know where your baby is, and it’s a totally well planned surgery. You can prepare yourself for the delivery; it will help you to reduce the nervousness and stress.