Joint Replacement Surgeries Indore

Joint Replacement Surgeries Indore

Orthopedic Surgery is a branch of surgery, related to musculoskeletal system conditions. Generally, orthopedic surgeons can go for both surgical and nonsurgical way to treat musculoskeletal system disturbance. Pushp clinic provides trustable medical services regarding different type of orthopedic difficulties. Dr. Sachin Chhabra, the orthopedic doctor in Indore is making it unique than other clinics out in the market. His area of excellence covers Knee, hip, shoulder, pelvic acetabular fracture, and critical fracture.

Knee replacement Surgeon in Indore

Knee orthopaedic services cover arthritis and knee replacement, revision knee replacement surgery, and knee trauma. Pushp clinic helps you to recover from your knee associated problems completely. Knee replacement surgery, also recognized as knee arthroplasty can help to recover from extreme pain in the knee joint area and restore function in severely damaged knee joints.

Hip Replacement Surgeon in Indore

The clinic covers complete hip replacement, revision hip replacement and hip trauma. If there are certain conditions that can damage the hip joints then sometimes hip replacements are necessary to avoid the dysfunction of the knee. Hip trauma, on the other hand, caused by the severe hip fracture. A hip fracture is a break in the femur, also known as thigh bone.

Shoulder and pelvic acetabular Surgeon in Indore

Our clinic provides complete shoulder replacement, revise shoulder replacement and shoulder trauma-related surgeries. We have one of the best medical services in Indore related to pelvic and acetabular fracture. An acetabular fracture is a fracture in the socket area where ball and socket meet together in the hip area.

Other trauma surgeries Doctor & Surgeon in Indore

Pushp Clinic also shares the area of excellence in various types of trauma surgeries and complex fracture in tissue and bone.