Driving tips to consider after Hip Replacement

Hip replacement has become a widely common treatment procedure now days. We often speak about the reasons for getting a joint replacement surgery. Prevalent reasons for replacing knee or hip include walking, exercising, or sleeping difficulties. The severe pain in hip can disrupt your daily activities and can limit mobility.

But quite often we don’t discuss about driving after hip replacement surgery. However, the severe knee arthritis and hip arthritis can have a considerable impact on your capability to drive.

How to proceed after hip replacement

Here are some tips for patients with a hip replacement for resuming driving.

  • Ideally, one can resume driving six weeks after the joint replacement surgery. However, before getting started you need to make sure that you are all fit for emergency stops.
  • Conduct a drive test; before hitting roads make sure you test your fitness for driving. If you feel pain while pushing car pedals then probably you are not yet ready for driving.
  • Adjust driver seat properly; Post hip replacement you should avoid leaning into low seats. This can put strain on your replaced joint. So, make sure you stay careful. If your driver seat is in low position tey elevating it using a pillow or cushion.

Furthermore, for proper guidance for driving consult specialist hip replacement surgeon in Indore. And until your doctor advices do not take any step.






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