Knee Replacements in Young People

Total knee replacement surgery in elderly patients has been used for a long time to treat the conditions of severe arthritis. The issue of severe knee arthritis arise when a patient is during his/her 40s or 50s. The pain during these stages is not relieved by conventional, non-surgical treatments.

However, total knee replacement surgery which was once set aside for elderly patients is now becoming more prevalent in the younger population as well.

Replacement of knees in young patients

Countless studies have revealed the knee replacement issues in young patients. Normally, to get a knee replacement, surgeons consider anyone below the age of 50 to be ‘young’. Intriguingly, this population segment — below the age of 50 are the fastest increasing fraction of individuals with knee replacement surgery. The studies of these patients have found exceedingly decent results. More than 85% of people in this age group with knee replacement consider their results to be satisfactory, and the complication level remains low. More than 98% of the knee replacements in this age group continued working 10 years after surgery.

Summing it up…

Knee replacement surgery is a major surgical operation and has some potential risks associated with it. Anybody who considers this surgical procedure, irrespective of age, should try a non-surgical treatment trial supervised by a physician before undergoing a knee replacement surgery. But then again, when everything else has been attempted and a young patient has severe arthritis, a knee replacement surgery in Indore can be a way of preserving both physical and psychological health. Often individuals are happier and more productive, even when they have a knee replacement at a young age.


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