The Modern Appraach to Knee Replacement

Are custom-designed knee replacements are better than conventional surgeries? To explore understand whether the new system is superior or not let’s read below:

Knee replacement surgery for patients with severe knee arthritis is always the last choice treatment. A “custom knee replacement” is a novel type of knee replacement that has gained attention from healthcare experts.

Previously, surgery to replace the knee includes cutting off a part of the thigh bone and shin bone replacing those components of the knee joint with a metal prosthesis. Custom knee replacement is attempting to transform that aspect of joint replacement surgery. But before being operated for custom knee replacement surgery, one needs to have computerized tomography (CT) scan. This is an informative representation of the hip, knee, and ankle’s bone. The data from this scan is used by the surgeon to closely examine the 3D images of the joints. Computerized technology is then used to assess the size, shape, and position of the knee joint. A total knee joint prosthesis is then designed to match the knee’s precise shape and contour.

Potential benefits of Custom Knee Joint Replacement

  • Minimal cutting of bone during surgery
  • Enhanced fit of the knee joint prosthesis
  • Retaining the natural shape and joint line of knees

In knee replacement surgery, custom knee replacement is a mind-blowing development. One day, custom knee replacement can deliver us outstanding results with total knee replacement surgery.

So, if you opt for joint replacement surgeon in Indore remember to ask your orthopaedician about customer knee replacement option.


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