A guide on knee surgery

Knee replacement surgery helps in restoring a damaged, worn, or deformed knee joints weight bearing façade. The aim of this surgery is to mitigate pain while restoring mobility. The medical procedure is also referred to as “knee resurfacing” or knee arthroplasty.

A number of alternative procedures may be feasible depending on how serious the damage is. However, surgery the knee replacement surgery tends to have better outcomes in the long term. If other therapy alternatives prove to be ineffective then undergoing surgery is an appropriate option.


Replacement of the knee may be complete or partial.

Total knee replacement (TKR)

Surgery includes replacing the knee joint on both sides. It’s the most prevalent procedure used by joint replacement surgeons in Indore. The person who undergoes TKR will have less pain and better functionality, but scars tissues would be present, which can make moving and bending the knees hard. The surgery lasts from 1 to 3 hours.

Partial knee replacement (PKR)

Partial replacement only substitutes one side of the knee joint. Fewer bones are removed; therefore a smaller incision is made. However, PKR does not last as long as the total replacement. The stay and recovery period after the partial replacement is usually shorter. And after surgery more natural movement is likely to occur.



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