Common Gynaecology Myths

Common gynaecology myths, gynecologist indore

The internet is a reservoir of myths and facts, which poses several questions on whom we should depend on for the right information. It is advised to catch up with best gynaecologist in Indore, who will help you debunk the following popular myths:

  1. Gynaecology cancer has no symptoms

The common thread between myriad health issues and gynaecologic cancer are the symptoms which include abdominal pressure, bloating, swelling, and abnormal bleeding, etc.

  1. Women should undergo pap tests every year

The common guideline advises to conduct this test with a gap of three years. Conducting one annually is not necessary unless told by a top gynaecologist in indore.

  1. Pap tests detect all gynaecologic cancer

Cervical cancer is the only form of cancer which can be detected by pap tests.

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