Doctors in Indore that are specialists in pregnancy

Doctors that deal with pregnancy and issues relating to pregnancy such as childbirth, infertility, and abortions etc are known as obstetricians and gynaecologists. They provide advice on how to look after your health care so as to avoid complications during childbirth. They are also known as ladies specialists doctors as they understand and try to solve problems that most ladies suffer from.


Doctors that are specialists in pregnancy also provide help for the following features-

  • A gynaecologist can help you plan for your pregnancy by telling you details about your monthly cycle, such as the days where you are most likely to get pregnant on
  • They can prescribe you special medicines to go through your prenatal care
  • One of the main duties of a gynaecologist is to access the cause of infertility in a woman and try to cure it.
  • A gynaecologist can also advise you on a diet, that will help in making your pregnancy and birthing process easier.
  • At the time of birth, a gynaecologist provides various options for delivery that will suit the mother and the child to be born.
  • After the birth of a child, a gynaecologist advises the mother on the breastfeeding process.



A gynaecologist in Indore is highly experienced in several surgeries such as

  1. Hysterectomy- removal of the uterus as a mode of prevention against getting pregnant
  2. Tubal ligation- a form of permanent birth control
  3. Salpingectomy- removal of the fallopian tube, another method for prevention again pregnancy
  4. Cone biopsy- removal of the precancerous cells discovered in the ovaries,


A gynaecologist should be visited at least once a year for checkups if you are facing no health problems and more times if you are.

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