Joint Replacement Surgeon in Indore

Joint Replacement Surgeon in IndoreThe world of medicine and treatment has advanced a lot. This is the sole reason why we can even dare to think of a joint replacement surgery in Indore. There was a time when any such treatment meant that the family would first have to arrange funds to ensure that they are able to afford a trip abroad in order to reach the best surgeon. But now, you can easily get a good one in the Indore city itself. There are several types of joint replacement surgeries. However, the most common ones are the hips replacement surgery in Indore and knee replacement Surgery in Indore.

Why do you need a hip replacement treatment or knee replacement?

  • The most important reason as to why you may need a hip replacement treatment or knee replacement is that you are presently unable to function. This means that right now, your joints do not work and that is why you are unable to do simple movements. In fact, an easy act such as walking also seems to be a herculean task and you are just unable to do it. In order to live a pain-free life, you must immediately get in touch with an orthopaedic surgeon in Indore.
  • Secondly, always remember that what comes with benefits, has its own set of cons as well. This means that after such a treatment and replacement, you are not allowed to squat or sit cross-legged on the floor. This is because there I a possibility of the joint dislocating. Thus, you must give it time to settle in. considering this, you must go for such a treatment only when you see that repeated medicines, exercises and innumerable doctors too have been unable to cure your problem.


What happens after you have been successfully treated by an orthopaedic doctor in Indore?

You must understand that a major change has been brought about in your body. Thus, you should not treat it lightly. In fact, you need to be cautious about each and everything you do.

In case of a hips replacement surgery in Indore, you must know that you will be on bed rest for a while. In fact, do not even think of getting an immediate discharge. You will be kept back at the hospital for a minimum of 5 to 7 days where you will be under careful and strict observation. You will not be allowed to walk much. In fact, to understand the gravity of the situation better, you must know that even if you wish to make use of the washroom, a tube will be attached to your bladder so that you do not need to move.

In case of a knee replacement treatment too, you must be aware that walking immediately is a big no. also, you will be strictly forbidden to sit on low levels for a while.

In both the treatments, you need to be extra cautious about all your actions and ensure that you do not suffer any muscle shocks or falls. But, it’s all worth it to lead a pain-free life.

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