Risks associated with Hip Replacement Surgery

Hip replacement is a surgical procedure involving the replacement of a painful hip joint with an artificial joint. This artificial joint is often made of metal and plastic materials. Severe hip arthritis can cause permanent discomfort and difficulty in walking. Many patients with these symptoms choose to undergo total hip replacement surgery. It is generally performed when there is no satisfactory pain relief through other treatment alternatives.

Is surgery for hip replacement safe?

Since years the hip replacement surgical procedures are being enhanced constantly. However, just like with any other surgery this too has some associated risks.

Immediate after surgery one won’t be able to move around as usual due to blood clots being a particular concern. Although to avoid this a hip replacement surgeon in Indore might provide you blood thinners. Still, there are chances that you might have a serious infection or bleed due to the use of anesthesia.

Other less prevalent concerns that a doctor and the patient need to watch out for are:

  • Replacement pieces can get loose, break, or get infected.
  • After surgery, legs may not be of the same length.
  • One must be cautious not to cross the legs or sit too low because the joint may be displaced.
  • Nerves can be wounded by swelling or pressure in the hip area and can trigger some numbness and intense pain.
  • Pieces of fat can become loose in the bone marrow, enter the bloodstream and enter the lungs, which can cause very serious respiratory problems.


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