An Orthopaedic Specialist’s Tips for Better Posture

Poor posture can lead to many health complications such as low back aches and pains, acute lumbago, acute muscle spasms, fatigue, Prolapsed Inter Vertebral Disc (PIVD) etc.

To prevent these issues and improve your gait and stance, follow these tips which an Orthopaedician recommends:

1. Be careful: The good thing about posture is that it isn’t inherited but is based on our habits. So, we can improve our stance by practice and paying attention to it. Notice when you have a poor posture and remind yourself to sit properly. Friends and family play a very vital role herein reminding you to correct yourself whenever they see you slumping or slouching. Implement proper postural habits and soon your posture will be all right.

2. Rearrange your shoulders: Strengthen, stretch and relax the pectoral muscles by doing proper exercises on a regular basis. This will prevent you from hunching over, which creates back and neck pain. Push ups are known to be effective in resetting the shoulders in their natural position.

3. Strengthening the core: The abs also play a major role in giving you the right posture, as they are a part of the muscular system which supports your back. To strengthen the core, you should do exercises such as planks, as they relieve the strain on your back.

4. Stand properly: The lower back carries the weight of the torso, which makes it prone to injuries and fatigue. It is imperative to stand properly to maintain spinal health. Stand against a wall to evaluate the curve on your back. If there are issues in doing so, it indicates a problem.

5. Keep practicing: Holding the posture perfectly for the whole day is next to impossible. But, with constant practice, you will not have to apply effort every day. So keep practicing and the result will be apparent. And if you are getting any problem in any of the exercises or need more information, please contact your nearest orthopedician.

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